Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DIY Bicycle Basket Liner for Your Dog

Ok, so I know I said that Fairway was being shipped a special made basket liner from the UK. But I got to thinking....and that often times leads to very dangerous ventures. I thought about how much better I appreciate gifts from people when they have spent some time thinking about them or making them.  Yeah, I'm sappy like that. And there sat little Fairway, all squinty eyed like a furry pirate. And because I like to forsake all of my responsibilities for a tedious diversion, I went to Hancock fabrics. For a mere 20 bucks I had everything I needed to make a basket liner all by my wee self.

My sewing machine was lost in the hurricane and I have yet to purchase another one, so I came up with an ingenious plan...actually my Mom came up with it, but for the sake of sheer smugness, let's pretend it was me. I bought a roll of that sticky glue tape that you just lay on the fabric and iron to seal it down. That's what I would use instead of needle and thread (for the most part any hoo). Here is what I purchased and what you might need if you dare try this.....it really was easy.

1 Yard of Fabric for the outside of the liner (I chose a bright, colorful floral pattern)

1 Yard of Fabric for the lining of the liner (I chose a solid material to compliment the outside pattern)

1/2 yard or less of a thick padding material for the bottom of the liner (this is for your doggie's bum, so he stays nice and comfy)

1 roll of double sided iron on tape

1 roll of decorative embellishment border material (I chose a hot pink ribbon with the little fuzzy balls on it)

1 roll of ribbon (I chose a bright blue grosgrain to match the pattern of the outer material)

8 small buttons

1 sewing needle and roll of thread (I chose hot pink thread to match my fuzzy balls ;)

Hot glue gun and glue

Bicycle basket, or any basket for that matter.

 Once I had all my stuff together, I just googled basket liner patterns and got this.  I didn't have any paper bags, so I had to measure my basket and tape copier paper together as best as I could.  I followed the directions for the most part, adding a thick layer of the padding to the base when I turned it right side out.   When I was finished I used the hot glue gun to add my embellishments.  I turned out beautifully and it only took me about two hours!  The only problem I had was underestimating the width of the basket base when measuring, which didn't allow me to close the sides in completely.  I do think this worked out favorably in the end because it allowed a breeze in to cool Fairway off while we were riding.  Because, in case you forgot, I live in Africa.

I had to test it out, so we went for a ride.  It wasn't long before someone actually pulled their car over and asked me where I got my basket liner.  I explained what I had done, and right then and there decided to buy a sewing machine and start sewing again. My inner voice burst into a spontaneous rendition of:  Oh yeah, I still got my mojo, my mojo, my crafty moji-mojo.  And then I almost ran off the road and finished what Jack previously  started on Fairway.   Last word, I'm taking orders and making stuff...anyone...anyone?

PS.  You know you love my bike, come on, admit it.  You want to whisper sweet nothing's to it too don't ya?  


chic cyclist said...
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chic cyclist said...

Excellent job on the basket liner and congratulations on the mojo! It feels good, doesn't it? I'm all for bike sewing, but not having a dog I've focused on other projects. That's so cute I'm going to have to find a friend who needs one!

For the less crafty over here in America, I've seen similar liners for sale on Etsy, which might be more local. This one is particularly cute though!

Tara said...

Very cute! I came across your blog as I have begun making cruiser bike basket liners in America that are more geared towards doubling as an enviro-friendly tote bag that you can take with you shopping (as opposed to pet carrier).
So glad to see more people being creative with bikes! Check out my web site at www.bettybasketliners.com

Thanks and good luck, Tara

Kimberly Ireland said...

First of all......amazing! I totally plan on doing this myself. I do have two questions: What are the measurements of your basket, and what size is your pup? I'm deciding between these two baskets:




for my pup, and I'm not sure which would work best for her. She's a 5 pound Chi mix. Feel free to e-mail me directly at kimbot68@gmail.com. Thanks SO much!


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