Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Electra Amstedam Classic in White ...Aww sookie sookie

Just in case you haven't got enough of my bike, I will present it once again.  Feast your eyes on this.  For lack of a horse, this will be my new vehicle.  This is all a part of "The Green experiment".  

Here is a rundown of what I plan to do.  

* Sell my car and ride my bicycle whenever and wherever possible.
* Transport Elsbeth in a seat on the back of my bike, much to the satisfying alarm of overcautious American fuss buckets.
* Buy local groceries whenever possible (this is to include, meats, dairy products, produce, anything that I can find that was harvested locally)
* Air dry most of my laundry.  This will not only save on energy, but will hopefully prevent poor Jeremy from having to wear "flood pants" any more.
* Recycle everything possible.  This does not just mean, sending paper, plastic, cans, and glass away, but actually finding useful ways to reuse some of these items.
*GET RID OF CABLE TV.  This is more for the mental health of my family than for the environment.  TV is bad.  Reading is good.  MMMkay?  

This manifesto may be updated as I come up with more ways to torture myself and those I love.   
The reasoning behind this experiment is not just for the popular reasons.  We (the Mr. and I) feel that as a society we have become lazy and spoon fed and just generally unhealthy.  We aren't challenged to think or live active life styles, as a life style.  This experiment is projected to last for a year, but we are hoping that it will simply become a part of the way we live.  This is not an attempt to turn back the clock on progress; it is simply  the documentation of one family's struggle to adapt to a changing world while maintaining a healthy whole life.  


man said...

Ok Jillian
I came across your blog from my favorite blog copenhagen cycle chic and I must say you have the bike and the chic and the looks. I love your blog already ( and I am a harsh critic) I love it perhaps due to the family similarities - except for the fact that I am a married guy with 2 little ones. Keep writing.

Good luck with the green experiment.
Where did you order your electra bike from? Was it costly? I live in the SF Bay Area and have seen nothing like it short of vintage .

mindcaster said...

hi Jillian! Now that's a bike I like! :) Good to see you're spreading the virus in cycle chic style!

One tip from this Amsterdammer: lift your saddle at least 5 inches, if you haven't already, your ride comfort will be so much better (less force/transpiration needed) and it's better for your knees.

Subscribed now!

Caroline said...

Just found your blog (again, from CCC). Glad to see Fairway in the basket, even if he is squinty. Love the bike! I have a Jamis Coda Sport (and lust after a Surly Long Haul Trucker) with a pull-behind kid carriage modified for groceries. It's six miles to the grocery store - only the first half has hills, thank goodness. Wish I could do away with the truck, but the need for hay & grain for the animals means I can't. Looking forward to reading your progress!

Sigrid said...

Hi. We are living parallel lives - we too are trying the same things. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the Amsterdam - I'm all caught up in this Dutch bike search and need a little levity. :)

I saw your photo on Copenhagen Cycle Chic, but actually clicked on you here through a comment on hank&me, and by Chic Cyclist. Funny how that works!

Keep up the good work!