Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hello Internet

Dear Anyone who reads this,
I think the lump in the back of my head is sucking the life force out of me.  As it's power grows I can almost feel it's desire for world domination and it makes me tired.  Because seriously, world domination is hard.  Especially for a little lump, even if it is  pure eeeeeeevil.

I digress, but what's new?  I'm writing to tell you that if I live until this evening, that is to say if the lump hasn't killed me by then; I will post then.  And I will continue to add my new posts daily every evening.    Because, although I live to serve you a tasty morsel of literary diarrhea every day; doing it in the mornings is really putting a cramp in my parenting duties.  Because when my kid gets mad, it's like living with a 2 foot maniacal dictator that likes to bite.  And that just ain't kosher.

So please, stay tuned.  

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