Monday, May 19, 2008

House Hunting in Washington D.C.

Well, the past week was nothing if not eventful.  We looked at places to live until my head was spinning around and I felt like hurling crucifixes.  Who knew that the cost of living nearly doubles from 'lil 'ol Mississippi to big scary nation's capitol?   Awwwww yeah though, just another reason for this chubby booty to huff it, pedal it, WHATEVER, rather than drive a car.

My Dad said something the other day about gas prices being somewhere near 10 dollars a gallon before summers over.  I find that hard to believe, but not unbelievable.  So, it's a darn good thing I like my bike.  Like is not a fitting description.  I want to make love to it. Why right this very minute I am fighting the urge to run out to the garage and rub my body against it's smooth frame while whispering sweet nothings into the buttery leather of the handle bars.  I will NEVER again make fun of Jeremy for making Barry White eyes at his bike.

But about the house hunting...I know I promised to write essays canonizing the magnolia state's finer points and people, but after this trip, it is going to be hard.  As we drove further and further north, the land became more lush and lovely, and there were REAL trees for the love 'O humanity!  God Bless the Live Oaks, but if I NEVER have to see another skinny pine tree for the rest of my days, I shall die perfectly happy.  

I began to feel like a giddy school girl as we headed into the mountains.  Jeremy and I both felt the same way...although I'm pretty sure he was felling like a school boy.  I screamed, "FORGET WYOMING, THIS is God's country!"  And then everyone at the gas station looked to Jeremy as if he should return me to the straight jacket from whence I came.

So, the houses, the houses.  We still have not found one that I feel grrrreat about.  Each place had it's appeal, but none of the appeal added up to the perfect place.  I am still searching craigslist every day, and perhaps I will come across something that tickles my fancy before it's time to go.  There was this one though...  It was the most amazing house on the inside, granite, hardwood, yada, yada, yada, but...  It was on the corner of a very busy street with a lot of foot traffic.  I can just imagine myself making that naked mad dash from the shower to the linen closet, because I have ONCE AGAIN forgot to set a towel out for myself.  Yes, perhaps the mail man in Greenfield did recover from that sight, but who knows if these scary urbanites might not be nauseated.  I can't think about it, so that one's out.  I need a place with either, A) Calm neighbors that won't be offended by my occasional impromptu nudie dash, or B) A house that comes with a full set of window treatments.

You may be wondering why I keep mentioning HOUSE versus the whole condo high rise thing I was debating before.  Well, once we got there we realized it was very possible to live in the city in a neighborhood of lovely homes and rent for the same amount that a condo would have cost.  We did look at a few, but after we saw one house with a yard and I watched Ellie go bananas (thanks Gwen Stefani for teaching me how to spell that) over a Caterpillar, I was over the whole condo.  That kid needs a yard , DAMN it and I will not be the person to deprive her of worms and dirt and broken robin's eggs!


Freewheel said...

I would welcome you and your nudie dashes to my neighborhood!

mindcaster said...

over here gas prices have been high for decades through tough taxing. Right now we stand at $ 9.60/gallon, expecting to (f)actually rise to $12 after the summer.

So guess who hasn't owned his own car in 10 years! :)

I applaud and admire your life changing adventure!
Oh, being the man that I am, and of course I cheer for nudie dashes :)

Jillian said...

WOW 9.60 a gallon! I just had a mild stroke reading that! I guess if we can't change for the sake of a good thing, then change by force is ok too. Bring on the bikes!

Charlotte said...

Hey Jillian, did you see the news about the SmartBike service?

Now I want to visit Washington! Maybe we could go for a bike joyride.

Charlotte/Chic Cyclist (Boston)