Saturday, June 28, 2008

Now, how about that Xanax?

It is all my fault.  The military graciously offers to move us and all we would have to do would be sit back, sip a margarita and occasionally throw out a, Ohhhhhh be careful with that, it's an aiiiiirrrrrrrrrr-looooooooommmmm!  But when I heard that we could make several thousand dollars by doing it ourselves, I was adamant that that was the route to go.

It's not that I've changed my mind, but from the look of my house, you'd think I had been ransacked by secret agents looking for a hidden file.  

It's almost over.  We pick up the truck in thirty minutes.  Later tonight our friends are coming over to help us do the heavy lifting and then, then we will sit back with them for one last time on my patio and proceed to do that thing that southerners have perfected.  Socializing.

I am filled to near bursting with waves of melancholy and nostalgia.  Are you up for that?  Let's play therapist.  I talk, you listen.  But not today.  Today is Rex Manning...I mean Moving day.  And today is filled with friends, and boxes, and later, pizza and beer.

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tayhyamom1 said...

I enjoyed the craziness of the BIG MOVE. I loved the heavy furniture, millions of boxes, running dogs, a crying baby, 2 little girls who pouted until they were allowed to help and pack the truck, beer, pizza, the little girl who kept asking for money and horded it in her hand, the video game at Uncle Joes and last but not least, the american idol moment in the bmw. Jill, please know that you will be missed tremondously, I love you as if you are my own sister. Thank you for always being here when I needed someone the most.