Thursday, July 17, 2008

And Then I Fell in Love With Her Yet Again

Ever since Elsbeth and I rode the bus and train a couple of days ago, I have not heard the end of the recounting on her part.  Oh, to be a baby again!  She tells the story as I would tell you about being invited into the Paris Flea Market before anyone else arrived and  then given an unlimited amount of money to spend.  

Yesterday she told me all day long, how : The bus coming, and then I get ON and I get ON and I get ON , and  I RIIIIDEEEEEEEE, YAY!  That was followed by a a puppy dog stare and a plea of Ride bus?  I told her that we weren't going to ride the bus, but that maybe we could ride it another day.  Since that plan had failed her, she started in on the train.  She would say: I wait, the train coming, and I get ON and I get ON and I get ON  and I RIIIIIIIIDDDDDEEEEE, YAY!  As she is describing this memory she is still until the part about getting on and then she proceeds to run in a circle doing some sort of gallop and hand gesture that looks like she's trying to catch something or wave, I haven't quite figured it out.  It ends with vigorous hand clapping to accompany the heartfelt YAAAAAYYYY!  Every time she does this it has the same effect.  I laugh until I am crying.

It is in those moments that every weird and disgusting  thing that happened during pregnancy and childbirth is worth it.  I MADE A HUMAN, PEOPLE!  And it talks to me!  I will admit that Jeremy contributed to the conception, but I did all the hard work, right?  

Every time she stands there and cocks her little head with her arms stretched out to me and her fingers beckoning me over, with a call of "Come 'ere, come 'ere, huggles", I melt into a puddle of adoration on the floor.  Before I became pregnant I used to joke that having a child would be the ultimate experiment in vanity because I wanted a little me to run around.  But it's not like that, it's so much better.

I remind myself of these things when I am rolling my sagging boobs like an old sock back into their bra.


Anonymous said...

Look at her! What a little cuddle bug. Please give that girl a squeeze for me. I love that she's so excited about riding the train, because I really enjoy riding the train too. The bus is ok, but a train makes me irrationally happy.

Krista said...

Oh my god, she is so precious.