Monday, July 14, 2008

Green Experiment Update:

Well, well, well, have you been anxiously awaiting with baited breath to hear of my trials and triumphs in this undertaking of drastic life-changing proportions? NO? Well, too bad you're going to hear about it anyway. I have yet to decide how frequently I will post updates of this little thing that I am doing. Right now I am thinking weekly, but if something note worthy occurs, then perhaps that will change.

Let me first begin by telling you something of where exactly I am and what it is like. We are living in a town home in a beautiful suburb of D.C. This place has four floors and five sets of stairs! Bless my aching legs, but hey, it's exercise right? Upon our arrival with the great yellow monster of a truck, we were greeted most warmly by anyone who happened to be walking by, and there are alot of people walking here. I was struck by the broad range of nationalities represented and how everyone seemed to live in friendly harmony together in one area.

I have lived in metropolitan areas before, Chicago being the largest among them, and never have I seen anything like this. Especially the kindness of these people. When I lived in Chicago, I would notice many different cultures and there was some assimilation, but for the most part, everyone kept to themselves and each ethnic group had it's various neighborhoods where they lived and frequented.

Here, everyone just coexists in this strange Utopian kind of existence. I find it quite fitting that as the melting pot of the world, our nations capitol could represent such a wonderful example of this.

Now, on to the experiment. My bicycle has sat forlornly in the garage since our arrival. I still have no child seat for Ellie. I am waiting to try the streets on my bike while Jeremy transports her. I actually have not seen many cyclists, many more people I see taking public transit or walking. Which is exactly what I have been doing.

Jillian's Green Experiment Progress Report:

A+ for walking to the grocery on all but one occasion and purchasing locally grown peaches and grass-fed beef and organic cheese at the markets.

A+ for walking to the post office and drug store with a 22lb baby strapped to her chest.

A++ For living without cable and resisting the urge to put a movie in every night, and instead engaging her husband in lengthy conversations about the future and what it may hold. (A little surprise for you, Dear readers, the future may soon hold a baby)

C for taking the metro but driving the 2 miles to the metro stop. I vow to take the bus to the metro or ride my bike there in the future

A+ For joining a gym, but C for only going 2X last week

A+ for diligently recycling and making good use of empty glass jars as storage containers for various small things.

I am still busily in the throes of nesting this ginormous place, so my venturing out has been minimal.  But I hope to have everything done by the end of this week and then we shall have more fun.

Stay tuned...DUN DUN DUN

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Anonymous said...

Jillian, I suppose I can still help you out with that seat?