Monday, July 21, 2008

I Care What You Think....No, seriously

Dear Readers,
In an effort to make you happy and keep you entertained, (Because I LIVE to Service, I mean Serve you) I  would like to have your feedback on what you would like to hear more or less about.  Is there a topic you think I should discuss more frequently, it could be anything....except me in the nude.  I am So not going there.  Or should I shut up about something?  Maybe there is a topic I have never discussed and you think I should tackle it.  I want to know what you think.

So please, you can either email me at or just leave a comment on this post with your suggestions, opinions, whatever.

As an afterthought perhaps I should add some of the Dilettante's illustrious and sometimes shady ventures that perhaps you would like me to elaborate on.
At one time or another I have been:

A makeup artist for small and profitless, yet altogether true to artistic vision independent films.

A chef in training

A beverage cart girl on a golf course

An intern for a congressman (no, there were no cigars you pervs)

A ticket taker for a fundraiser and two feet from the Prez (Dub-Ya that is) which led me to be able to meet him. (and No, there were no cigars there either, SHEESH)

A Nanny

A spokesmodel for a company that sponsored an Indycar Driver at the Indianapolis 500

An ice cream scooper

An Ebayer (I had a successful ebay store that specialized in vintage goods)

A deep thinking waitress that drank way too much after her shifts at various upscale restaraunts



Anonymous said...

Jillian, Jillian, Jillian. This is your blog. A big part of the fun of reading it is the fact that it's unpredictable, varied and utterly your own.

Jillian said...

Why thank you very much. I appreciate that. Recently though I seem to be having writers block and need some inspiration.

Aged One said...

Okay- young grasshopper, tell us the story many years ago about all those lovely "mirrors" that Grandmother gave you for Christmas. With your crazy, hilarious, inspirational and creative mind it should be quite the entertaining read.

Anonymous said...

Beer bitch, beer bitch, beer bitch! And, ebay sales lady. (So selfish of me, but I love thinking that I might be in one of your blogs!) But, they are full of funny know, cicadas from hell, guys saying "Gimme", and the Snickers that just wouldn't stop staring!