Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shootin With the "Big Guns"

I'm about to tell you about the amazing camera that Jeremy bought that is worth more than all my possessions put together and about the little treasure hidden in the woods of Danville, Pennsylvania, but first, first  I have to say AGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!  

While hanging laundry to dry in the basement just a few moments ago, a very large wooden hanger fell with it's pointy end right into the delicate skin below my eye, right next to the spot where my nose tried to kill the rest of my face a couple days ago.  What is it with my face this week?  It's out to kill me!  So now I have a purple knot next to my eye and a red bump on my nose.  Maybe I'll be a witch this Halloween.

Now back to the story, I just needed to get that out there.  Jeremy is entering a residency next year for comprehensive dentistry and will be in school for two more years.    Part of his residency work will include photographing and documenting work that he's done, inside the mouths of people.  And for this he needed a camera.  Not just any camera.  A really big camera.  A really big expensive camera.  So last Friday he bought the Nikon big something or other with a fancy lens and we toyed around with it all weekend.  How is it?  How do I put this?  The pictures look prettier than the real life moments.  It. Was. Worth. Every. Penny.

So we went to Pennsylvania and stopped at this barn full of old stuff and antiques which is like better than a pedicure and sleeping in until noon for me.  Jeremy, um, not so much.  I bought a vintage cruiser bike which I will soon be selling if anyone is interested and can come and get it.  I also got a cool old felt fedora and the man in  the shop seemed surprised at first when I told him it was for me, and then something happened in the back of his eyes and he looked like a cat about to eat a mouse, and he said....ohhhhhh sexy.  Yes, I like boys clothes.

When Jeremy and Rachel's husband had had just about all they could take of waiting for us outside the barn we headed over to a small seemingly unknown amusement park called Knobels.  I used to go there when I was in high school and had forgotten how wonderful a place it is.  Although I have never been to Germany, I felt like I was there.  This park is in the middle of a Forrest surrounded by rolling hills and the prices are really reasonable.

So, here for your viewing pleasure and critiques are some of the photos of that weekend taken with the "big boy".  That's what I call it.  Jeremy just keeps referring to it as "the precious" while stroking it huddled over in the corner.

So my question to you is this:  can you tell a difference in these photos from the others I have shown here before?  Or perhaps you've never really paid attention, or perhaps you'd rather watch paint dry.  

One of my favorite things about this camera is it's ability to sharply focus in on whatever you want it to and then kind of blur out everything else as if the focal point is the only thing that really exists.  I can see the future pissed off face of Ellie when I tell her as a teenager that under no circumstances can she wear that tartish outfit out of the house. 

I normally really hate pictures of myself, but I kind of like this one which was spontaneously captured by Jeremy without my knowledge.  It looks as though I'm having a good time riding that ridiculously small train through a forest.

We never once used a flash, because like a black hole this camera has the magical ability to pull in all surrounding light.  And that is pure scientific fact right there, go ask Stephen Hawking.  In the picture above you are witness to Ellie demonstrating her excellent ability to boss everyone around.  She practices this on the dogs at home by wagging her finger at them and yelling, "NO NO and GET DOWN!"

This photo was taken by my friend rachel and I love it.  It again demonstrates the cameras skill at capturing a focal object and saying effff you to everything around it.

For some reason I really really like this shot and the focus is not even on Ellie, it's on the bicycle seat.  This by the way is the bike I'll be selling.  She's got alot of potential eh?

Just another shot 'O the bike.  Reminds me of a certain movie.  And with that my pretties, I'll leave you with this:


Marissa and Scott said...

What a great camera! What is it? I'm looking for a nice digital SLR. Is it one of those?

Anonymous said...

Jillian -

Came back because I needed to smile.
As always -- thanks for delivering!
(although I have to admit I was hoping for more of an embarrassed young mom accident story....)

To answer your question - Yes I can tell a definitive difference in the pics; without a doubt these are just awesome shots by far. Is he shooting with a Nikon D60 by chance?

The pics are so crisp in fact that they bring me to my next point - that bike! Wow!
I can see the details in the shot! - Did you really only pay 40 bucks for that?

If you did, well you can turn your little self around and smack your bottom and pay for that new camera by just selling that bike. Do you know what you have? That there thing is a Roadmaster Jet Pilot worth between $250 - 400. based on the city
(stop me at any point if you know all this)

Check this:


Be thinking of you all on my ride to work tmw.

Jillian said...

Marissa, It is a Nikon D 300, and I'm not sure what the lens is. he chose it for it's ability to capture images in the mouth. I guess other dentists had recommended it.

@Man, Thanks for coming back. I'm sorry I couldn't share any embarrassing moments with you, fortunately for me I only humiliate myself every once in awhile although it is usually a "big one" when I do.

As for the bike, thank you SO MUCH for sharing that. Yes, I only paid $40 and I knew it was something special, but I wasn't sure exactly how much it was worth. Now I know, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jeremy! He has NO idea that you are going to steal that camera from him. I know how much you love the fact that it blurs everything else except what you are focusing on! ;)

The picture of Bossy McBosserson is priceless!

And, I love that you are back to your old ways of buying things on the cheap, adding your special sauce, and selling them for millions!

Keep on keepin' on,

Oh, and I LOVE that my sister-in-law and future sister-in-law both read your blog!