Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane...

Where to start?

It is a rare occasion that I am at a loss for word or suffer from mute mouth, but the last few days have succeeding in affecting me with that.  So many times over the past several days I have wanted to reach out to the blogoshperenet and attempt to explain the tumultuous ocean of feelings that were rolling through my insides.  But I couldn't.  It is a defense mechanism that I involuntarily acquired over the last three years due to the shit storm of events I went through.  

I wanted to tell you that the four hurricanes in the ocean make me queasy because even though my body is not on the gulf coast anymore, I am there with everyone in spirit and memory.  But when I leaned over my keypad, my fingers just wouldn't move.

So please just understand.  I'm going to put all those feelings back in their zip lock air tight baggie and shove it back into the "place where things go that we just can't talk about right now".  Mmmmkay?  And then when I'm done here I will silently go back to my position of crossed fingers,  bowed head, and rumbling stomach.

Now, on to lighter fare.  As some of you may know, we gave up cable TV as part of our "Green Experiment".  That has been an adjustment, but I am thoroughly accustomed to it now and really don't ever want to back to the realms of American Idol or Dancing With the Has Beens.  One thing we do allow for is movie rentals.  We have a netflix account and lately we have been watching The Office at the behest of just about everyone I know.  At first I was all, come on...it looks so stupid and everyone was like.....it IS, and you will LOVE it!  So we caved and now we're on the second season.  

I came to the realization yesterday that my Husband is Dwight Schrute.  Jeremy and Elsbeth were watching a video from PBS that is geared towards preschoolers.  The show was describing different types of insects and had just covered a butterfly a bee and an earthworm.  Then it asked the viewers which of the insects lived in the dirt.  No sooner had the question been uttered than Jeremy yells out with an urgency that left me puzzled: EARTHWORM!  

I looked at him and said, "Wow, that's pretty good.  Maybe you're ready to move up to the Barney programs now.....DWIGHT SCHRUTE!"  

Then there was last night when I asked him if he had ever had a pimple inside his nose.  He replied, "No, but if you ever do, you really shouldn't pop it because the bacteria could potentially travel to your brain and kill you.  I'm just saying, It COULD happen."  I just looked at him and said, "Schrute".

This discovery comes on the heels of my trip home to Indiana.  I am leaving for two weeks and am anxious to see how much more "Schrute-ish" Jeremy will have become when left to his own sinister and adorably nerdish devices for two weeks.   

I guess in a very round about way I'm telling you that for the next two weeks I will post sporadically if at all.  But I promise, I'll BE BACK.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could be back in Indiana with you! Have fun. Tell your family I said hello and....eat some sweet corn!


Did you get your gift in the mail yet?

Anonymous said...

Nooooooo......(voice trailing off) Say it ain't so Jillian.
Two whole weeks?!!! What am I going to do?
I'll be forced to search for humour at other lowly blogs filled with trivial humour with lack of depth that all mean well but hardly compare to yours.

Seriously enjoy your family visit and hope to hear from you soon.

I'll be riding my bike - with my head down.

April said...

Have fun on your trip bring back picts