Thursday, September 18, 2008

It Speaks...and well too!

Riding home from the airport the other day Jeremy picked me up in the BMW (I know...we STILL haven't sold it, Jeremy isn't ready to let it go just yet.  Blame him).  Ellie calls this "Mommy's car".  The red VW Jetta station  wagon is "Daddy's car".  Jeremy and I were talking about my trip when all of the sudden Ellie apparently couldn't contain herself anymore and this is what came out of her mouth:

This is Mommy's car.

Daddy's car is dirty.

Daddy's car is nasty.

Daddy needs to wash it with his hands.


I think I may have inhaled and then shot chewing gum from my nose when she said that.  How did she remember that daddy's car is, in fact, dirty, nasty and much in need of a hand washing? Ah, the things kids will say.    And keep in mind that this child doesn't turn two until December.  I can't wait to hear what she comes up with when she's 16.  Oh wait, YES I CAN.

This is Ellie on my parent's porch ready to head to the airport to come home.  She is carrying "My Wion" (that would be the shaggy lion) and "My boot-case" (which would be the tiny suitcase).  The contents of which she packed entirely herself, they included: three pacifiers or babbies as she calls them, a stuffed bear in a Naval officers uniform that she calls Daddy bear, a small draw and erase magnetic board, and a half eaten Ritz peanut butter cracker.

PS.  Please read yesterday's post for the update on Jeremy's response to his shampoo purchase.


Anonymous said...

We have to give credit where credit is due, Jill. The car was a little on the filthy side last time I saw it. But, at least she didn't say "F Jeremy!" :)

Anonymous said...

And, what is Elsbeth's shirt....Little Miss what???

Jillian said...

Her shirt says little miss giggles, but it should say little miss manipulator.