Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Music In the Wind

The territory I am about to tread into is certainly a departure from my usually whipped cup of domestic insanity sprinkled with flecks of nastiness. So bear with me, you might enjoy it, then again I may lose you. I hope not though.

A few months ago I was having a conversation with my Aunt Joni on the telephone. I forget how we got on the subject when she asked me if I had ever heard music in the wind. I said, "No, I don't think so, is that an album or the name of the band? "
"No, I mean have you ever heard the MUSIC blowing through the breeze when you're outside?" 
My jaw dropped and I think I may have been speechless for a few minutes and then I replied, "Well yes, but I've never told anyone because I thought I was just having a flashback from my party girl days."

We continued to discuss this strange phenomenon for a while and I became more and more excited that someone else had heard this other than me.  Other strange things have happened to me but like I said before I generally don't talk about them because enough people already think I'm a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

She told me she had only heard it once, as was the same for me.  Both of our descriptions of the event sounded very similar in the way that the music sounded.  When I heard it I also heard what sounded like a choir of hundreds of voices not really singing a song but just harmonizing in a single tune with very little fluctuation.   I was out on the beer cart at the Fort Golf course which is in the middle of a state park with very little residential area around it.  The particular area where I heard this music was an especially secluded area and there was no chance that it could be coming from people.  Although if you had heard it you would have known instantly that it wasn't being made by people, it was prettier than anything I've ever heard.

I had been listening to my iPod when I thought that the song I was hearing was messing up, so I turned it off to restart it, and that's when I heard it.  It was as if the music was all around me but being carried by the wind through the trees.  It was a little bit scary, but the beauty of the sound overcame any fear I had.

After my Aunt and I had this conversation I scoured the Internet for more information and perhaps others who have shared this experience.  I did find many people who have experienced very similar scenarios, and I also discovered a medical community that was all too eager to dismiss it as a malfunction in the human brain.  How much easier it is to chalk it up to our own faulty bodies than to open ourselves to the very real possibility of something other than the things we can merely see and touch.

Since that conversation I have still rarely spoken of this with anyone, but while watching the movie The New world with Jeremy Saturday night, I became very excited.  During the opening score, I said "That's it, that's just what it sounds like.  That's the closest thing I have yet heard to describe the sounds."  I suppose that since he has never heard it he just wasn't able to fully understand.  I found a clip on you tube (after searching FOREVER) that plays part of the score that I am referring to.  Notice how there is no real tune it sort of sounds like a symphony is warming up for the big show with little crescendos of music scattered within it.  That is the sound I heard but also mixed in was the sound of a large choir of voices harmonizing with the music but fluctuating in pitch very little.

I'm writing this today because I wonder if anyone else has heard this or something similar, and if so would you share your experience?

Oh and by the way, if you haven't ever seen that movie, it is HOT... in a totally historical way of course.

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