Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Men When Left Alone

Jeremy is by no means a metro sexual.  He won't even let me attempt to pluck the one or two hairs that threaten to turn into a unibrow.  I believe when we began dating he washed his hair with a bar of soap.  He is just one of those damn lucky people who happen to look amazingly attractive naturally.  DAMN HIM!  

Aside: After the dental ball I was sad that we hadn't gotten even one picture of us all dressed up.  He was all: well we can just put the clothes back on and take a picture.  And then I was all: GASP!  DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO GET READY?  Unlike you I don't roll out of bed looking like Johnny Depp.  It's closer to cousin It with a case of morning breath.

So the whole time we have been dating/married I have been the one to purchase any kind of bath or hair product for him.  Most of the time he just takes them and uses them without any comment or complaint.  He is my leetle manly Guinea pig.  Until recently he used the same shampoo that I did which was just a drug store brand like pantene or herbal essence.  And then I went to an upscale salon for a cut and color and the stylist was all: Girrrrrrl this hair is NOT GOOD!  And I was all: Waaaaaaa!  So she recommended some hair care products that were amazing but extremely expensive.  (Click here if you want to learn more about this great line of products which I later learned can be purchased on ebay for much cheaper).  Because of the price I told Jeremy he had to keep using pantene because we couldn't afford to waste the good stuff on his hair.  I'm so nice aren't I?  So he's been using the pantene like a good husband and I guess while I was gone we ran out.  

He was forced to go to the store and purchase some shampoo.  Probably for the first time in at least 7 years.  As I was taking a shower this morning I noticed his shampoo and began to wonder what kind of purchase this was.  Did he just walk in and grab the first bottle that said shampoo or did he thoughtfully peruse the aisle contemplating which selection would best suit his particular follicular needs.

Let's suppose it was the latter.  This was his choice.

This is the description on the bottle:

Gentle, Balanced Cleansing with vitamins C & E
Shine enhancing nutrients
Experience the health and vitality of pro-vitamin nutrient enriched formula for beautiful hair.
Exclusive 5 pro-vitamin formula maximizes body and shine. Balancing formula for gentle daily cleansing. Vitamin C and E enriched formula, protects hair.

Reading this made me wonder:  Did he make this selection because he feels that his hair is in need of shine enhancement and body?  Did he look in the mirror at that mop of black hair and think to himself, "Hmmm, I think my hair is looking a little dull and perhaps the PH balance is off.  I'm going to look for a product packed chock full of nutrients and gentle cleansing powers that will not only balance but also protect this luxurious mane of mine"  I highly doubt it.  But I sure did have a nice giggle thinking about it in the shower.  I'm going to ask him later tonight and I'll get back to you on it.

UPDATE:  I showed this post to Jeremy and asked him why he chose that particular bottle of shampoo and he said, " Because it said for normal hair, and it was cheap."   As opposed to the stuff I always buy which says it's for hair: Screaming for therapy and extensive treatment due to years of chemical substance abuse.  He is vanilla.  I am Rocky Road mixed with chunky monkey served in a banana split dish with 15 cherries on top.  AND EXTRA NUTS.


Roadrider said...

Now that's funny. That's the shampoo I used to buy in a previous life because it was like $0.89 a bottle and easier to use than the bar of Dial soap. Then The Wife started buying more expensive stuff for herself and Pantene for me. I don't think I've bought shampoo myself in twenty years, but if I run out I just use one of those little hotel shampoo bottles in my travel bag until a replacement mysteriously reappears in the shower.

Charlotte said...

My husband got all pouty when I told him he couldn't use the good stuff. So I finally relented and said that if he could tell me one way (other than price) that the two are different, then he was welcome to make his shampoo decision based on his very discerning taste.

That ended that debate.

Krista said...

If he's anything like my boyfriend, then he picked it because A) It was cheap, and B) The bottle was pretty. My boyfriend is of the type that if he stands in the shampoo aisle for more than 45 seconds, he'll combust. Must be a man thing.