Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome Back To Me

Please play this song as you read this, or not, but to fully experience the journey I am about to take you on I think it would be prudent to do so.  Prudent is a funny word, don't ya think?

I just got back last night.  Going back to Indiana always makes me feel nostalgic.  Even though I have moved around this country for most of my life, I've always considered Indiana my home.  All my family is there.  And there's just something about the sight of a golden field of corn in the fall that makes my heart warm.  The abundance of Steak 'N Shakes doesn't hurt either.

I spent a good deal of time riding my mothers pink cruiser around the small town that my parents live in.  Several times I rode to a local bakery and cafe and picked up lunch and rode back to my parents house with it in the wicker basket of the bike.  I never once had to lock it up and I never once feared it being stolen.  MAN do I love some things about small towns!  

Many other eventful things happened such as my whole family coming down with a shat nasty case of strep throat.  Oh yeah, and Elsbeth got Hand Foot and Mouth disease (But don't worry it was mild and she's OK now).

Amanda if you're reading this, right about now in this song I'm remembering you and I sitting in my apartment on Talbott street in Indianapolis listening to this song on a CD you had made me.  You had probably come over to help me list stuff (incredibly unusual and hip vintage stuff) on Ebay, although I think you even then had ulterior motives of visiting your boyfriend Magnum the Italian Greyhound.  After this song I believe I broke out in an infamous dance to R Kelly's Ignition "The Remix".  Yeah, we didn't always listen to that kind of music though did we?

I visited my old stomping ground, The Fort Gold course, one of the singularly most beautiful places I have ever been.  My heart experienced a dull throbbing pain and I had to fight the urge to steal the beverage cart and make a lap around the course.

But enough reminiscing.  Dear, DEAR readers, I have something to tell you.  This morning I made an exciting discovery: Coffee made by ones self is just never as good as coffee made lovingly by ones own Mother.  

And also this:

Yep, thas right.  Jillian is going to be a mother of two.  When I informed my husband of this news he chuckled in a very cocky way and said, "I TOLD you I posses the Navy Seals of sperm".  I realize that that last statement may have taken our Internet relationship into levels of intimacy which you were not prepared for.  If that's the case, you'd better leave now.  As the months wear on I am sure to delve deep into some really disgusting subject matter, that is unless the Pregnancy Gestapo (AKA Jeremy) gets to me first and enforces mandated censorship.   

We shall have to wait and see. 


Charlotte said...

OMG Jillian - congratulations! What did Elsbeth say when she heard?

Jillian said...

Thanks Charlotte. When I told Elsbeth that there was a tiny baby growing in Mommy's belly, she tried to pull my shirt off and said, "Get it out". When that didn't happen she seemed to forget and went back to asking for candy.

Krista said...

Awww congrats, Jillian! And welcome back, too. It sounds like you had a great time in Indiana. I'm a midwest-east coast (Missouri to Philly) transplant too, and I know how trips "home" can be therapeutic.

kristen said...

Hey Jillian - I've never felt the need to respond to your blog, but today I just feel compelled. Even though at times I think you might get a kick out of a reaction to your posts. Um, yeah, like the condom post which ultimately resulted in a ruined keyboard (at work, no less) from trying to contain a snort of laughter which caused coffee to come shooting unexpectedly out of my nose...

Ah, but I digress, I really just wanted to say that your description of Indiana filled my little Hoosier heart with joy. I'm from a small town too and I couldn't have said it better.... the golden corn, the local coffee shop where they ask "how ARE you?" and mean it, and riding back home with coffee in hand down the middle of a small, quiet street. (sigh)
Anyhoo, thanks for that. Sometimes a midwestern gal just needs that kind of picture conjured up every now and again as fall approaches.

Charlotte said...

My little cousin was born on Monday and his big sister named him (long before he was born).

Little Eva just started calling the baby Charlie, so it was convenient that he happened to be a boy (though I go by Charlie myself). My dad got to name his younger brother (with parental supervision). If Elsbeth got to name the baby, what do you think she would choose?

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO happy for your family! I will call you today to chat. And, yes, I remember the music, and I especially remember the R Kelly Iginition remix song and dance. Can't wait to catch up and hear how the boys at the Fort are doing. Did you tell your dad how much I heart him??

Oh, and I am SO glad you are back to blogging. I missed you!