Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Dreams May Come...and the Weirdness Continues

Several of my friends are also pregnant right now, a couple of them with their first children.  Being pregnant for the first time is scary, who am I kidding, being pregnant is scary no matter what number child you're on.  Although I have a feeling it gets easier the more you do it.  Kind of like that awkward, uncomfortable, first time you had sex and then were plagued with fears for your mortal, sinful, soul as a result,  Don't tell me that I'm alone on that one!

Pregnancy comes with it's share of really weird dreams much like those experienced before a wedding.  Except instead of a plastic wedding ring, you receive a plastic baby in the delivery room or a standard poodle holding a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs while crying MAMA!  One of my pregnant friends Amanda recently shared such a dream she had with me.    I'll give you some background info before reposting her email.  She had been experiencing some really painful cramp like feelings all day which we agreed were probably the ligaments in her uterus stretching.  It can feel like someone is stabbing you the first time you're pregnant.  That night she had the strange dream.  Another thing that may be helpful in understanding this dream is knowing that I have a red hot passion for notebooks and journals of various designs and sizes.  

When Amanda and I used to work at The Fort Golf Course together and I was stuck in the snack bar while she was off schmoozing golfers on the beer cart, I would occupy myself by writing stories on the computer that doubled as our cash register.  In order to print these stories out, they came out on ticker tape like a receipt as that was all the printing capacity the machine had.  Amanda really liked my stories and printed them out and I believe she still has copies of them, which is just one of the million reasons why I love her.  

Here is her email of the dream:

Okay, basically since I had all those cramps and stuff, I was scared that something was wrong with the baby. So, I kept dreaming that I was waking up and finding blood all in the bed. Then, I had a dream that you wanted me to go with you to get your 1st ultrasound done. You were pissed because your jeans were tight around your waist. Anyway, we went and they told you that you were having a boy. I was freaking out because you weren't even supposed to know yet since it was so early. I was all, "How do you know and I don't know yet?" So, you took the little machine and put it on my belly. Well, when we looked inside, my baby was standing up and was all skeletal and had all its guts and organs hanging out and was trying to pull them back inside its body. You were all, "Look, it is pulling a's a girl!" The next thing I know we were back at your house and you were crying. I couldn't figure it out because I thought you wanted a boy, but you were sad because you couldn't find the perfect journal to write things in and had to use the kind of paper tape on supermarket machines.

And so basically, Dear readers the weirdness of the second trimesters has begun, and not just for me.  


Amanda said...

Well, I wasn't exactly in blog mode when I emailed that to you, but okay! I was actually putting groceries away at the time. Oh well, the point is that it was STRANGE and scary.

And, good deduction on the sticker tape for the journal...that's probably why I dreamt that. Haha...why did I dream about your tight jeans???

Charlotte said...

All of this is still very much in the future for me, but I just learned that I will get to take my long-anticipated trip to Washington in February. I'm very excited, but I'm worried that the weather and your pregnancy my preclude our planned bicycle joyride. Dream on it and let me know?