Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Weeeeeeeel, let's just say that The Dilettante has re-entered the dominion of dilettantery.  Yes, I realize I just invented a new word.  That's part of what being a dilettante is all about.  Stirring the pot, shaking things up, changing the American vernacular, people.  Actually, none of those things has to do with being a dilettante, they just come as a sidebar to my amazingly glamorous, rock star life.

And would you like to know what this amazingly glamorous rock star has been up to lately?  All right, all right.  I got a job.  Now I cannot go into the details of what this job is because I am contractually obligated  by a BLOOD OATH and sworn to secrecy in front of a flock of geese on the White House lawn.  No, not THE white house, but it was a house and it was white.  I can say that it involves espionage, and craigslist.  Both of which can be VERY dangerous.

What?  You find it hard to believe that a pregnant woman such as myself would involve herself in dangerous situations and put her unborn child at risk?  Well, let me just tell you, this baby LOVES a thrill.  Why, I think I'm growing a mini 007 and as I type this I can faintly hear the sound of ricocheting gunshots bouncing off my womb as a tiny martini is being shaken and not stirred.

Truthfully though, Dear Readers, I am working as a nanny and I've just been TIRED!  Here is an idea of my amazingly glamorous rock star life right now:

Wake up, heave growing self out of bed and try not to land on dog that insists on sleeping right below bed.
Toddle down the stairs and sip tea and have toast while bemoaning the fact that it is still dark out
Shower and try not to fall back asleep
Lotion my entire body while trying not to look at the weird veins that map my body when I'm pregnant, do this while praying that stretch marks once again remain far from my stomach  
Get dressed in whatever makes me look the least like Tweedle-Dee
Wake up Elsbeth, dress her, feed her, brush her teeth all while carrying on a conversation with this very chatty two year old
Walk the dogs, yell at Jack, kennel them
Drive to work
All day play with three children and try to remain patient and engaging.
Come home, eat
Clean up dishes
Bathe the kid, read her a book (currently it's The Wizard of Oz or the Biz 'A Bop as she calls it), and put her to bed.
Carry on a brief adult conversation with my Husband while consuming fiber to offset all the iron I have to take.  * I TOLD you it was glamorous.
Fall into bed, hopefully remembering to take my contacts out.

Dear Readers, I honestly do not know how working Mothers do it.  Where is the time for laundry, grocery shopping, hair appointments, doctor appointments?  

So that's it in a nutshell.  You'll be lucky to hear from me in the coming weeks, but please wish me sanity.


Anonymous said...

"Where is the time for laundry, grocery shopping, hair appointments, doctor appointments?"

Working moms do those things in the early evening when the kids are passed out in bed because the nanny wore them out by patiently and engagingly playing with them all day. :-)

Amanda said...

Glad you are back. I miss you lots. Call me or text when you have a free moment. We need to see if we can get together when I am out there in December.

Amanda said...

Please come back. We miss you.