Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Is a Many Splintered Thing

Last night my brother called to tell me that he and my Mother had heard a song that reminded them of me.  I asked him what song it was and after a long pause in which he had to go look it up and call me back, I learned that it was What's Up by The Four Non Blondes.  It's ironic that I enjoyed that song so much because at that time, and I suppose even now to some degree, I resemble the typical blonde.  Outwardly anyway.  My departure from bubblegum pop and into this music and song in particular signaled the beginning of a long and dark period of self discovery in my life that would ultimately end with my tearful homecoming after Katrina.  I've discovered enough about myself at this point that I realize there are much more fascinating things to discover.  Self is way overrated.

After my conversation I was retelling my Husband about this song and what my Brother had said.  YOU liked that song, he said.  WOW, now I KNOW we were meant to be together.  
Oh, why, I asked him, did you like it too? 
No, he replied, I hated that song.  But it just goes to show you, opposites attract.

In many ways we are very much alike.  He compels me to unleash my inner geek that has hidden somewhere underneath my lacquered exterior for many years.  We have geek movie marathons that include Star Wars and The Lord of The Rings, while I eat three kinds of pickles and he indulges in Little Debbie snacks and Mountain Dew.  

But in most ways we are such complete opposites that I am often fascinated by what it is that attracts me to him.  Other than his Adonis like good looks and impeccable parenting that is. Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I am simply amused by him and his departures from what I call normalcy.  I find these ticks humorous and endearing even if he may not find it humorous that I am finding them humorous.  

This is a good summation of the consistency of our relationship.  I act like an idiot while he stands guard nearby  and babysits me ensuring that I do no further harm to his reputation or future chances at President.

He was recently named Infection Control Officer for his dental department and this new title and responsibility has required that he has a very thorough education and updated knowledge on current infection and disease information.  Unfortunately, and often times amusingly, Elsbeth and I receive the brunt and consequence of his newly acquired knowledge.

Elsbeth and I have recently been having conversations on littering and how it is not a nice thing to do to the Earth.  On our walk to the grocery store last night, she spotted a crumpled Dunkin Donuts bag on the ground which she leaned over and picked up with the intention of throwing in the trash.  No sooner had her two fingers touched the bag than Jeremy yelled out, ELSBETH PUT THAT DOWN THAT'S DIRTY!  It's OK, Jeremy, I said, it's not like it's covered in AIDS or anything.  

He sighed at what I can only imagine that he perceived as my peasant ignorance, and said in a lofty voice that he reserves for such occasions, Jill, antibiotic resistant MRSA can remain on some surfaces for up to six months. 
Shit, I said, let's go ahead and get her a bubble to live in because the world is just too scary otherwise.  And then the smile that was bubbling in my soul broke through my teeth and I laughed at him and all his loving paranoia.

He smiled at me and said, Can you tell I've been doing my infection control homework?  Ummm, yeah I replied.  Then we put our germ infested hands together and swapped some saliva that probably contained plaque and many other potentially deadly things.  But hey, that's love, it'll make you do some crazy things.

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Amanda said...

Did I say this in another blog comment? I love Jeremy. I really do. And, he was NOTHING that I pictured him to be when I met you. I could hardly picture you married at all, and then I met this sweet, quiet guy and I had no idea how you two could be together. But, you make such a wonderful couple (and you make beautiful children too!). Naturally, I love you more (and my own husband as well), but I do love him!