Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out of the Mouth 'O Babes

Elsbeth has always been early on her vocabulary and speaking skills, but since turning two her ability to reason and communicate that reasoning to me has just blown me away.  It is so entertaining that I can spend a good deal of time just talking to her about things and asking her questions to see what her astonishing little mind will come up with.

Here is just a small selection of what she has told me about lately.

While discussing the days of the week she informed me:
On Tuesday the turtles get big.  (I have NO idea what she is talking about, but she seemed fairly certain that this was a concrete fact)

In line at the grocery store yesterday, she faked a cough and then, clutching her chest, looked pitifully at the woman in line in front of us and said in her most heart-wrenching voice: I am very, very sick.  Which was not at all true.

Ever since I told her there was a baby in my belly, she has been carrying one too.  She daily informs me that her baby is very, very thirsty, only likes apple juice, and is very, very hungry for a popsicle, an orange popsicle.
We indulged both of our babies with a popsicle Sunday and Jeremy had one as well.  After we had finished, she looked at me and exclaimed with a groan of satisfaction, My baby was SO hungry, and then she added, you're baby was hungry too Mama.  She looked at Jeremy's finished popsicle and proclaimed that his baby had been hungry too.  She then affected a very quiziccal look, leaned in close to me, tilted her head and whispered, Do he have a baby in his belly Mama, do he?  No, I said, only girls can grow babies. Oh, OK she said and nodded as if the world was right again.

One morning she looked at Fairway and said, What happened to his eye?  I asked her what she thought happened to it.  She thought for a minute and then said, It's in the car, I'll go get it.

While examining my Father's ear with a tool from her doctor kit, she said, OH, there's snakes in there!

After watching me put on a GIANT maternity bra she proclaimed, That's better Mama, that thing holds your boobies up.  Later that night I whispered to her to go pinch Daddy on the nipple.  She reached down (he was on the floor) and pinched somewhere in the middle of his stomach.  Through the tears of laughter and pitiful realization, I informed her that Daddy's nipples were up higher than that.  

She was in the room when Jeremy was taking the photos of my pregnant butt.   Take a picture of my butt too Daddy! she exclaimed.

I cannot imagine the conversations that will occur in this house with TWO of them.  I can only wait.

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Lauren said...

This post makes childbirth totally worth it to me.

I can hear it now, someday talking to my future children... "Actually, Mommy only had you because she read this hilariously adorable blog post."