Monday, February 2, 2009

Pregnancy Photos 25 Weeks

Well, I made it past the halfway point with no drama or catastrophe occurring.  As far as pregnancies go, this one is very different from my experience carrying Elsbeth.  Mainly, my stomach isn't lodged somewhere right under my boobs.  It fell about a foot and a half from last time (although sadly, that hasn't eased my heartburn in the slightest...nor my cravings for jalapenos) and it almost seems like my belly button is further down than last time.  It's strange too because I've always had a relatively flat stomach, and now it seems as if any weight I have gained has gone directly into forming a chubby circle of flubber around my waist.   I now have four breasts, one set under my chin and the other, newer set on my lower back.  They resemble man boobs in a very unattractive way and I'm considering buying them a bra.

But the booty surprisingly has not blown up like it did last time.  The only thing I can come up with is the fact that I live in a house with five sets of stairs and I walk up and down them carrying a two year old about nine hundred times a day.  Oh, and I also haven't been drinking the icing cups from dominoes cinnasticks like last time.  I'm not sure, but that might have something to do with it.

Here ya go people.  This photo is a departure from my normal shots, as I don't do "reverent" well. But on this particular day I was skipping around the house singing "I Feel Pretty" and my husband noticed that I seemed to be glowing, or sweating glitter.  So I cajoled him into capturing the moment in the warm afternoon light.

Now for the boo-twah.  It is certainly more than two handfuls, and feels something like cold jello, but lemme just tell you:  it can deflect snowballs, instantly deal with half-shut car doors, and makes an excellent seat for a two year old.  I like to measure it in heads, and it looks to be three heads wide at this point.  In the infamous words of Sir Mix Alot: Red beans and rice didn't miss this!


Lauren said...

You look RIDICULOUSLY good for someone NOT pregnant... now for having a full-fledged baby in there too... dang Madre Caliente!

Amanda said...

Like I said to you in my text, I've never hated you for being my prettiest friend. I love you and all of your glory! (Oh, and I miss you loads, too.)

Jillian said...

Thanks ladies! I'll have to unveil my "back boobies" for you next mind and perhaps you will think differently ;)