Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pregnancy Photos 28 weeks

Here is a characteristic Elsbeth face.  In this moment she's contemplating which method of disobedience she will soon use to prevent us from forcing her to go inside and eat.  Why eat when there is dirt to be poked with a stick and fire ants to be crushed underfoot like foolish Lilliputians!  She eventually went with the sad, sad face and alligator tears.  It didn't work.

This week marks my official 30th week of pregnancy, but the photos you're about to see are from two weeks ago on our vacation to Naples, Florida.  Perhaps it was the humidity in the balmy air, but while in Florida my body seemed to literally absorb water through osmosis.  It probably didn't help that I spent a great deal of time imitating a walrus in the swimming pool.  On most days I was unable to get my wedding rings off without wetting my fingers and my face, as I previously mentioned, began to take on a shape all its own.  And when I say that I mean that I grew jowls.  JOWLS!  

Along with that disheartening discovery came a whole new gift of pregnancy that I did not experience with Elsbeth.  Melasma.  The rest of my body tanned better than it does when I'm not in "the family way".  But the face.  Instead of getting a tan, I developed an extensive network of freckles and brown spots that look like a map of the Caribbean islands.  And all while sporting SPF 50 sunblock.  I'm told that this should eventually fade after birth and breastfeeding are over.  But if it doesn't, hey it's just another thing to add to my growing arsenal of guilt employing tactics when my girls are teenagers.  

Other than that, it's going rather well.  I'm happy, my voice hasn't dropped octaves, and I can still put my hand around my ankles.  I have ten weeks to go and just because I don't like anything to be easy, we've decided to move to an apartment so Jeremy can be closer to school.   At least this time I have a good excuse for not doing any heavy lifting.

Yeah Florida's retirement community, this is how WE roll!  Shout out to all my senior homies back at "The Village"!  This adult tricycle proved amazingly useful in our maneuvering around the neighborhood where Jeremy's Grandma lives during the winter.  Not only did Ellie love going for rides in the back basket, but the large seat provided plenty of space for my girthy bum.  Being pregnant and being a geriatric are very similar I came to learn.


Krista said...

Awww, your photos are always so lovely! However, your descriptions of pregnancy remind me of why I will never, never, never have children.

The last photo of you on the trike - which is awesome, by the way - made me laugh out loud. Best of luck with the last 10 weeks!

Amanda said...

You are GORGEOUS!!!

Jillian said...

Krista, if I have scared one woman enough to swear off ever having children, I've done my job! Just kidding. In all seriousness, the joy that it brings (with the right person) completely outweighs any trouble that it takes. And besides, it's probably not that bad; I just happen to be a completely wimpy diva.

Amanda, Likewise, Love ya!