Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Survey Says?

I got an email from a family member today asking me to pose a question to you, Dear Readers.  Here is the scenario:  Wife is sitting at the computer which is around the corner from the kitchen and she hears her husband cough up a nice "loogie" as we called it when I was a tadpole.  She doesn't hear him go into the bathroom (which is not far from the kitchen) to presumably dispose of said loogie.  So she goes into the kitchen to ask to ask him what he did with it.  He said that he put it into a napkin and threw it into the trash.

This disgusted the wife and she said that in her opinion all refuse containing snot, loogies, and things of that nature should be disposed of in the bathroom.  She then asked me to conduct a survey of my readers.

Here is my personal opinion( and as most of us know I am just a dirty Hippie ), but please let us know your thoughts.  I said that I am guilty of disposing of tissues that I have blown my nose on into the trash.  I blamed the fact that either bathroom is two flights of stairs away from my kitchen but truthfully I'm not sure if that would really make a difference to me or not.

The wife said that her main reason for being disgusted was that, as an example, just the other day she had to pull the newspaper out of the trash for a school project for her son.  The thought that there could be snot rags in there grossed her out.    

UPDATE: In response to a couple of comments, I should note some things about where these people live.  They  live in the country where there is no recycling pick up, and I'm not sure if they even have regular trash pick up.  Their trash is separated into what can be burned, non burnable, and food scraps or compostable materials.  The wife assumed that the husband threw his loogie into the burnable trash which contains mostly paper products.  
Also, I posed this question to my husband when he got home from work.  Remember he's the "Infection Control Officer" at his dental clinic.  He agreed with the wife.  Apples don't fall far from their trees do they?  I said that I thought as long as people washed their hands well before handling food after doing something like that then whats the big deal?  He gave me a withering glance and when I snarkily suggested that we place bio hazard containers in each room for just such despicable materials he looked at me like I had just come up with the genius idea of the millennium.  And then I blew my nose into a dirty sock and threw it at him.

So, you tell me, how do you feel?  And tell the truth, Santa Claus is watching you!


Lauren said...

Aren't trash cans meant for TRASH? I put whatever in whichever garbage can I'm closest to, whenever! If you sneeze while in the kitchen, do you need to walk up/over/down to the bathroom to blow your nose and throw it away? As someone with HORRIBLE allergies who carries a box of Kleenex with them at all times during the spring I say HECK NO to that!

Freth :-p said...

My wife tosses all of hers in the kitchen trash ... or the bathroom if she happens to be in there.

Personally, the one that would most upset women ... would be the thought of the man blowing his nose into the bathroom sink ... does that gross you out???

Charlotte said...

I have never heard of such a thing! Snotty tissues are trash, and go in the closest trash can. What does this wife do with other objectionable trash? Coffee grounds? Rotten veggies?

Why wasn't that newspaper in the recycling bin with other tidy newspapers?

Now I think this is a trick question!

Amanda said...

Yeah, I think a trash can is a trash can, so tissues can go in whichever one is closest.

The one thing that David does that I find despicable is to spit his loogie down the kitchen sink! Now that, in my opinion, is a no-no.

Jillian said...

@All: Well, so far the survey is unanimous. As far as what grosses me out the most. When suspicious little black hairs are left on the bar of soap and when gracious Husband forgets to put the toilet seat down for waddling, pregnant wife who stumbles half asleep into the bathroom in the dead of night and falls butt first into a toilet bowl. Ewwwww

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, Jill, you have no idea how many times I have screamed at David for doing the same thing! I figure since I use the toilet about 100x more than him, the lid should always be down!

dcpeg said...

Reluctant though I am, I think I've got you all beat. Spouse blows his nose in the shower --no tissue or nothin'! And you don't want to know how I know this -- just believe me!

Sarah said...

Well you all are lucky.

My boyfriend hocks his loogies right into the kitchen sink.


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