Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Magic of Summer

In one week Jeremy begins a two year residency program and we will rarely get time together as a family after that. So, we've been trying to take advantage of every available moment that we have together. Last week we visited Knoebels again. Why do we choose to drive almost four hours to a relatively obscure amusement park when we have several large, better known parks much closer? Well, for it's quaintness and Bavarian charm. I think it's the trees that encompass everything here that make the experience so wonderful. That and the fact that most of the rides have been there since the fifties or longer and have a definite vintage look.

What is it about Summer that makes me so happy? I can't quite place it, but every year around this time I feel like a manic depressive in "Manic" mode. And that's not such a bad thing.
Here the dentist samples some delicious cavity making spun sugar candy
I absolutely love this photo. She's growing up so fast.
And what would summer be without fireflies and a jar of them sending out their phosphorescent love letters on your bedside table?

Lauren, these photos are mostly for you because you don't like blogs without photos. See, I care.

And this song? Well, it's mostly for the fireflies.


Lauren said...

Adorable! That picture of Elsbeth with the fireflies is so cute, and yes, she is becoming such a little lady!

Thank you for the pictures, they really do make my day. :)

PS: I'm so happy you're blogging again!

Amanda said...

Wait, are you married to Kris Allen? :)

The pictures are great. Tell Jeremy that he's going to have to give me a few lessons!

And, doesn't summertime make you miss The Fort just a little bit? I can't smell hotdog juice without feeling a little homesick for the Snack Shack.