Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Feature ~ Thingamajig Tuesdays (Or My favorite iPhone App)

Every Tuesday, I'll tell you about one of my favorite gadgets...things I love, things people I know love, hell, you love something? You want me to talk about it? Send me an email and tell me about it (as long as it doesn't involve adult nudity or refined sugar, the consumption of which has been known to make people blind AND develop hairy palms...sorry Uncle Jim, at least you can't see your hairy palms), and maybe I just will. jillian@buttonsmcsweet.com

Today's Thingamajig is my favorite iPhone app, it's called Polarize. It takes any of your photos and turns them into much cooler polaroid photos. Now, if they could just invent an app that could do that to some people I know. There is even a Flicker group for people who use this app to share their photos. When I got it, this app was free, I'm not sure if it still is though, but even if it's not, I think it's worth a few bucks.

At first I did have some problems with it crashing on me and not allowing me to upload the photos to Facebook, but lately those things haven't seemed to be a problem.

And now (insert ascending drumroll here--->) for the pleasure of your tastefully discriminating eyes, I will share some of my favorite photos that I've taken with this app.

As you can see you can also add sharpie-esque labels to them...all I have to say about the above photo is: W-A-T-E-R, Helen. You fellow nerds will get that; all others, carry on in your dithery.

This is Olive. Despite his pure and chaste looking appearance, he has an unquaffable need to impress "the ladies" with extravagant courtship dances and songs..."The ladies" that he finds particularly interesting are white socks, crumpled paper towels, and a beanie baby dove that he has had his way with countless times.

Husbands are like a box of chocolates...er, wait, that's not right. Why is it that the snarkier I get, the more he laughs?

Dupont Circle...I have vertigo...nuff said.

And this wasn't the first time I've caught them in a compromising position either. Momma warned me about those Barbie dolls.

You want some books from the library, Ellie? Well, you're just gonna have to work for them, now, MUSH!

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Amanda said...

Love it. Missing a picture of Ari though.

Wish I had an iphone too.