Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Blog of Note: Cute Overload

Sometimes you're just having a crappy day. If you're me, that day might involve waking up several times during the night to one or two crying children, and then perhaps an overturned GALLON of milk at breakfast, then maybe a diaper filled to overflowing (onto your shirt) with contents that resemble chocolte syrup, only it's not. You finally get the kids to take a nap and realize that this is the first time ALL day you've been able to sit down. What do you do?

Sometimes I look for words of inspiration in one of my favorite books, sometimes I stare at the wall and try to absorb the silence into my soul so that I can remember it later when 1,845 battery operated toys are going off at the same time. And then SOMETIMES I go to this site: Cute Overload.

OHGEEWHIZ, if a bounty of really cute baby animals isn't enough to make you smile, well then, I don't think there's any hope left for your soul. You may as well go check in to The Hotel California. But I'd wager that it is, so go, go on, check it out.

I stumbled upon this blog one day while googling the word cute...because I do things like that, just google random words. You should try it, it's fun. Anyway, I ended up going through almost every post on there and still wanting more. I hope you enjoy it.

I mean, come ON, if that lil thing doesn't make you scrunch up your face in delight and do a little dance of ohmygoodnesswookathiswiddweearsnoseandfeets! then I don't think I even know who you are anymore!

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Amanda said...

OH NO. Jill just found her new pet!

wink wink wink