Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thingamajig Tuesday: Self Sustainability and Permaculture

If you know me personally, you have probably at one time or another heard me talk about my dream life. This life involves living on a self sustaining farm, mostly "off the grid", and farming away to my little hippie heart's contentment. Almost Amish except I'll still dye my hair, shave my legs, and grow hemp. While this has been and always will be my dream, it is just not in the cards for us right now, so I continue to dream. But I promise you this Dear Readers, before I got married my husband promised me that one day I could have a Brown Swiss cow and a island full of monkeys, YES MONKEYS! Golden Lion Tamarins to be precise, and I have not held him to his word, but one day, ONE DAY I WILL HAVE THAT COW! I'll let Monkey Island slide, but only because when I had kids the need to own a monkey suddenly seemed fulfilled.

Over the years as this dream has grown and taken a clearer shape in my mind, I have gleaned knowledge from here and there about this type of simple living and learned that, LO AND BEHOLD!, there are other weirdos out there just like me. People that want to survive off of what they can provide for themselves, people that enjoy a hard days work, digging and planting in the Good Green Earth. According to my dad these people are called Old Burnt Out Hippies Who Are Working The System, but to me they're Inspirations.

Today's Thingamajig is Permaculture...and This house that I want to remake one day just for me and my family.

I mean, SERIOUSLY, is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Now, I am new to the Permaculture movement, but from everything I've read thus far, I want to crawl inside of it and call it mommy. Here's an example: You plant a garden and let your chickens run through it eating pests and fertilizing it in the process. Kill three birds with one stone! I am so all over this it's not even funny. As soon as I get a yard that is. Now, what I want to know is Who's coming with me?


Amanda said...

I'm sorry, is that a chicken house or an actual house for people to live in? Where do I sign up? ..... to make sure I NEVER have to live there.

I love you, Jill, but that looks straight up WACKADOO!

Amanda said...

Wait, I'm sorry - maybe you clicked on the wrong picture since I was distracting you while you tried to blog. My apologies. No go find the picture of the real house you want to live in.